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Worm infestation is something not many people really think about. In fact, there are many out there who have never even taken any de-worming medication and are unaware that this is a problem that is more common than we think.

Zentel contains Albendazole and is a straightforward, highly effective way of treating all common worms and kills these parasites in all stages of their life cycle. It is very convenient to take and comes in suspension (liquid) or chewable tablets, which can be taken as they can be crushed or mixed with food.

Zentel is suitable for anyone above the age of two and needs to be administered only two to three times annually. However, for more severe infection, Zentel needs to be taken once a day for three consecutive days.

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Scott's Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion is rich in cod liver oil which is a natural source of Vitamin A & D, calcium and phosphorus. It helps children to build their natural body resistance to infections like coughs and colds and develop strong bones and teeth during their growing years.