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If you have ever felt discomfort or pain in the upper chest or abdomen, there is a high probability that you have suffered from indigestion. The most obvious symptom to look out for is a feeling of being bloated or very full. Many people mistake indigestion as an ailment resulting from overeating, but this is untrue as you can get indigestion even if you eat very little.

Quick relief is all you want when suffering from indigestion and this exactly what Eno provides. As soon as you get that bloated feeling after a meal, have an Eno and you will feel the difference immediately.

Eno is a refreshing, bubbly drink which comes in three flavours - Original, Lemon and Ginger.

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Eye Mo Drops has mild antiseptic and astringent properties to sooth and relieve eye irritation fast. If you prefer cleaning your eyes, try Eye Mo Wash with eye bath.